About Us

Inspiring you to ride more

Although the page title says About Us, it should really read about you.

Whether you’re an experienced e-bike rider, or someone who’s trying an e-bike for the first time, our goal at AVE is to inspire you to ride more.

Leave the car at home more often, or even better ditch the car for good. Ride with a purpose, or just to enjoy the journey.

More kilometres ridden is better for you, for your health, and your wellbeing. Better for your community, and your environment, with less congestion and less pollution.

As an e-bike only company we invest 100% of our research and development on the key attributes that make the difference between an e-bike that just gets you from A to B, to one that has you itching to explore C, D, E and beyond …….

Our core ride attributes engineered into every AVE e-bike


It starts with a frame engineered around the e-bike drive system. Motor placement within the frame provides a strong foundation for the entire bike, isolating you from rough surfaces and vibration. Wider rims and e-bike specific balloon tyres (50mm to 60mm) widths) across the range, place more air between you and the road.

Ride and Handling

Feel at home from the first pedal stroke.

That’s the acid test for all of our e-bikes. Sure, we invest thousands of man hours in testing and development, with careful consideration of frame geometries, head angles, bottom bracket heights, and RC lengths. But you’re probably not interested in these important but “boring” facts and figures. What you are interested in is how your e-bike rides and feels. Does it inspire confidence? Can you feel the level of engineering through the seat of your pants? From the way a bike climbs, to the way it handles steep descents. If your mind is only focused on the road ahead, and the bike becomes part of your subconscious, then we know we’ve achieved our goal.

Durability and Performance

As a mode of transport e-bikes can’t afford the luxury of being highly strung race machines. With many of our customers circumnavigating the globe with their annual kilometres, or relying on their e-bike as their only form of transport. Durability and performance are paramount. With high torque, hill climbing performance provided by BOSCH and Panasonic drive systems, combined with carefully selected components from market leaders in the e-bike industry, every AVE e-bike is engineered to give you peace of mind when it comes durability and reliability.